What we do
for the energy networks

In order to meet the challenges and opportunities of transitioning to the RIIO regulatory framework and a low carbon energy future, transmission and distribution network operators need to adapt and innovate.

Acting alone cannot bring about the transformational changes the sector requires. With new models and events disrupting the established status quo, the power of innovation lies in the power of synergy.

At the EIC, we believe that if you want to be incrementally better, you compete. If you want to be exponentially better, then you collaborate.

This ethos drives our business model and creates value for our industry partners by shaping opportunities that enable them to:

  • discover and trial new technologies and ideas from across the world that respond to their needs by proactively taking their calls for innovation and innovation needs out to the marketplace;
  • facilitate strategic innovation collaboration and share learning with others from the gas, electricity and renewables sectors;
  • accelerate their delivery of innovation through projects with SMEs and
  • promote their innovation activities to stakeholders and customers.



What we do

When companies from the same sector collaborate, the mutual benefits can be more powerful than any benefits that competition might produce. Risk, cost, distribution channels, co-marketing and collaborative innovation can all be shared, avoiding duplication of effort and resources, and identifying areas of opportunity.

The EIC has developed a proven model for collaborative innovation in operational business performance. We are now evolving this to include strategic innovation collaboration which will set us apart from other sectors and deliver the transformational changes that the sector requires.

Current areas of strategic collaborative opportunity that we are exploring with this model are:


Investments secured for the SME community


Innovation community of entrepreneurs and SMEs


Live projects and trials in 2018


Calls for innovation launched since 2015