Utility Week Live

Utility Week Live 2016 Video Highlights

As part of Utility Week Live, held in Birmingham earlier in the year, innovators who have worked with EIC gave help and advice to the audience. The recorded videos give some highlights from the event.

Protecting Buildings & Equipment against Water & Gas Ingress through Cable & Pipe Entries

Phil Westerman of CSD Sealing Systems talks about RISE Rapid Cable Duct Seal, which also included National Grid Gas and Wales and West Utilities.

Finding the Gas Leaks under our Streets

Dr Douglas Walsh of Optosci talks about the Gas Leak Detector which was worked in collaboration with National Grid, Northern Gas Networks and SGN.

The Internet of Things (IOT) – Merging Health & Safety with Social Care

Billy Mitchell of Smart Compliance talks about the Intelligent CO Monitor which was partnered with National Grid, Northern Gas Networks and Wales and West Utilities.

Pollywood the natural replacement Overhead Line Pole, Quentin Kopp

Quentin Kopp of Pollywood looks at the Wood Composite Utility Pole which was developed in partnership with Northern Powergrid.

Helping you host effective stakeholder engagement

Michael Kohn of Stickyworld talks about Street Works Community Feedback Forum which was worked with Wales and West Utilities.

Cactus industrial surface preparation bristle blaster: blasting without grit ..your surface our pass

Jamie Gallagher of Cactus talks about the company’s work with Bristle Blaster for GDNs. The project was carried out with Wales and West Utilities.

Volumetric Hot Mix Asphalt

Harry Pearl of Road Mender Asphalt talks about Road Mender

Turnkey Underground Structure Monitor

Edward Klinger of CNI Guard on the Field Trial Proposal which was worked with SSE