The Energy Loop’s in beta, to make home energy better

We’re pleased to say that The Energy Loop is moving closer to its public launch, with the first major trial launched. A partnership between the Energy Loop and a UK gas network is in place to explore how the B2B2C approach will help organisations to save their employees money on energy bills and make better choices when buying energy-tech products for their homes.

The trial will give 1,600 employees access to a small variety of smart energy-tech products at reduced prices. It will give The Energy Loop the opportunity to gauge what sort of interest is expected to be seen among employees, see how the service will work in practice, develop it based on feedback and data gathered and learn what sort of savings can be achieved for users – both financially and in terms of their carbon footprint.

Affiliate discounts and group purchasing
The Energy Loop is able to get discounts for users by putting them in touch with suppliers who will offer them Energy Loop discounts. In addition, they’re exploring group purchasing options, looking at financing options and developing relationships with manufacturers, all with the aim of making it easier for customers to access the listed products.

For people to use The Energy Loop when it launches, they will need to be employed by an enrolled organisation. They are looking for more partner organisations to get on board and help trial the service, so if you’d like to enrol please check out the website.

Employee benefits packages and sustainability
Once set up, organisations are provided with their own portal, through which employees can ask for product quotes. Support will also be provided, such as materials for telling employees about the service. Benefits to organisations include being able to offer improved employee benefits packages and having another means of achieving sustainability goals.

Fundamentally, the aim is to help people find new energy options for their homes that they may not have known about and to get good prices on that technology. The Energy Loop is not-for-profit and has backing from some of the leading players in the energy distribution industry. Their aim is to make a million homes more energy efficient by 2020.

The trial began earlier this month and will run through until the end of February. To keep up-to-date with progress, you can follow The Energy Loop on Twitter or visit the blog.