The EIC and The Energy Loop

The Energy Loop is a brand new green energy company from the Energy Innovation Centre.


Here at the EIC we have successfully been connecting small businesses and innovators with the big energy companies, over the past decade to introduce and implement new technologies. Our projects focus on everything from maintaining the country’s pipelines and pylons, to improving health and safety measures for workers, to delivering better customer service systems. Ultimately making a positive difference to people’s lives through innovation.


Now we are using our knowledge of the energy sector to help people make their homes greener – with the wider aim of helping the planet.  By partnering with your employer to provide you with a brilliant benefit scheme (which is easily accessible on your laptop or mobile) we help you to make your home greener and save money.


Do you have an eco-friendly workplace yet?  The Energy Loop can help you get started, or go further.  Working towards our target of making a million homes more energy efficient by 2025.


The EIC and The Energy Loop.  Together we know everything there is to know about energy!

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