Stay in the loop with Freddie Tilbrook

Freddie will be at the EIC stand during the LCNI conference and we spent time with him to, find out more about The Energy Loop

What is your role?

I’m The Energy Loop Lead. That means I’m responsible for the successful delivery of The Energy Loop; an innovative digital platform that could play a large role in reducing UK households’ carbon emissions by putting consumers in control of the way they power their homes.

We’re currently in the ‘business set up’ phase. Day to day I’m responsible for overseeing the commercial and product development through live trials whilst planning for the long term success of the business.

What is The Energy Loop?

The Energy Loop is a not-for-profit online energy solution service that helps people find and install the best energy improvements for their homes through communities of trusted installers. Unlike other online services, The Energy Loop takes people on the whole journey from education to action – whether they are realising solutions for their home or their whole community.

Energy customers in the UK have limited options for how they generate, access and consume energy, as well as the price they pay. From a customer’s point of view the energy market is fragmented and “too confusing”.

Today the onus is always on the individual to research, understand, select and act. This results in inertia. Moreover, the cost of energy and access to different sources in rural areas is adding to the issue of fuel poverty. The Energy Loop digital platform aims to resolve these issues, engaging customers by helping inform them about better options available to them, and inspire them to take action.

The business is backed by 6 of the energy networks – NGN, NGGD, SGN (Phase 01 and 02), WWU, SSEPD, SPEN.

What’s next?

We have shifted the commercial model of the business in the last quarter to enable us to acquire large groups of users cost effectively. This means working closely with employers to develop innovative sources of funding for employee schemes. This has not however changed our ambition to tackle some of the big industry issues such as fuel poverty.

Our next step is to run two Beta trials to stress test the product and commercial model. These will be in two environments;

  1. A community of employees.
  2. A closed community with high fuel poverty rates.

These trials will run from mid-November and inform the evolution of the business prior to our launch in early 2017.

If you would like to know more about The Energy Loop then please contact or find him at the 2016 LCNI Conference on the EIC Stand B09.