Award winners spotlight: KELVATEK

Jonathan Rodgers, Future Networks Manager for the team at Kelvatek, speaks about the firm’s double win at April’s UK Energy Innovation Awards.


1) So, what did you win for?

Our SAPIENT Fault Assistance Service was awarded Best Innovation Contributing to Quality and Reliability of Electricity Supply. The service collects data relating to faults and network conditions from many sources and provides actionable fault location information which leads to fixing a fault before it becomes permanent.

We also won Best Smart Grid Innovation for our WEEZAP & LYNX, products, which are network automation and monitoring devices. They enable more low carbon technology to connect to the electricity networks, help to lower network losses and enhance supply resilience. WEEZAP and LYNX also provide an alternative first intervention to traditional network reinforcement.

2) Why do you think your entry stood out?

Kelvatek believes in the importance of innovation, selecting and working closely with a few key DNO partners and investing heavily in R&D.

SAPIENT is the first and only 24/7 service where DNO engineers can engage with a technical centre set up to help them mitigate the effects of faults on the network, and to locate them quickly before they become permanent.

WEEZAP and LYNX are the smallest and most advanced true 400 A LV Circuit breakers in the world. They have been demonstrated in a Tier 2 LCNF project ‘Smart Street’ and there are over 1000 WEEZAP devices and several hundred LYNX devices deployed across the GB electricity distribution networks.




3) How do you see your innovation shaping the future of energy?

SAPIENT will have a large effect on the impact of LV network faults, and how they are managed by the DNOs. The number of interruptions will be greatly reduced, as will the length of durations if customers go off supply. Locating and fixing faults can now be performed proactively before the fault becomes permanent.

WEEZAP and LYNX help pave the way for integrating a growing number of low carbon technologies, such as electric vehicles and heat pumps, into the LV distribution network. They also give visibility into the load flows in LV networks, as well as advanced fault management when there are problems on the network.

4) What does the win mean to the team?

Winning the awards has been very exciting for Kelvatek’s teams who have worked closely with our industry partners to develop leading innovative solutions to challenging business problems that exist now.

5) What’s next for the project?

Our SAPIENT Centre is growing – in the coming months the SAPIENT staff will move into a new purpose-built facility, over five-times larger than their current space. We will continue to grow and train our excellent ex-utility staff, as well as continue to enhance the algorithms that are active behind the scenes.

WEEZAP and LYNX are gaining traction not only as Automated Network Management devices, but also as part of business as usual fault management. We are working with a number of DNOs on innovative new ways to use the devices – so watch this space at next year’s awards.