Powerhouse Perspective – Denise Massey

EIC MD, Denise Massey, was recently quizzed about what the Northern Powerhouse means to her and how a joined up approach to shaping the future energy industry will benefit all of the UK.

The North has always been a powerhouse but one that needs reconnecting and greater collaboration to unleash its full potential.

The Northern Powerhouse presents an opportunity for us to come together as a region and lead the UK’s energy agenda so that as a nation we can secure our future energy supply and meet the needs of energy customers.

There has been a lot of talk, not just about the Northern Powerhouse but about the UK’s future energy supply too. But now is the time to move the talk to action.

With the energy assets that we have in the region, including nuclear, gas, electricity and renewables, as well as a wealth of SMEs primed for innovation, we should be in a position to lead the way in developing a framework for how businesses and other stakeholders can work together and start to shape our energy future for the better.

The Northern Powerhouse region is in a great position to leverage the strong northern identity and skills to convert conversations into real collaborative action to make the changes needed.

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