Can you help our industry partner, Scottish & Southern Energy Power Distribution, to identify innovative solutions for a holistic approach to 11kV network fault management that will improve network performance and reduce Customer Interruptions (CI) and Customer Minutes Lost (CML)?

If the answer is yes then you are invited to complete and return this RFI by Friday 13th May 2016.


Recent analysis of faults in the distribution system detail the 11kV level in both SSEPD and SHEPD areas as having a significant no. of CI/CML totals and therefore greatest potential for cost reduction and network performance improvement.

SSEPD is issuing this RFI now to broaden its awareness of the best available technologies/ technological solutions in areas such as: fault prediction, prevention, monitoring, protection, automation, location and remediation on 11kV circuits; predominantly, but not only, those circuits which are largely comprised of overhead line.

It is anticipated that this RFI will identify methods of:

  • Fault Mitigation: Mitigating the effects of faults so as to reduce the CI/CML impact of each fault.
  • Fault Clearing: Rapid location and clearing of faults so as to minimize the time to restore.
  • Fault Prediction: Taking action to prevent, faults, so as to reduce the incidence of interruptions.

The above is not intended to be an exhaustive list and it is anticipated that the RFI will identify commercially available (UK/EU standards-compliant) and economically attractive proposals, as well as innovative commercial frameworks for investment and share of risk/ reward where deemed appropriate.

Find out more in the full Request for Information document here.