Open consultation on the benefit of drones to the UK economy

The Department for Transport is seeking views on proposals to harness the positive benefits of drones for public and commercial services and the benefits to the UK economy.

The changes suggest:

  • creating the conditions for the cutting edge commercial use of drones to create hi tech jobs
  • improving services and boosting the economy
  • addressing safety, security and privacy challenges and concerns that drones present

It puts forward a number of proposals

  • to develop the UK’s policy and regulatory framework
  • to keep pace with this fast emerging market,
  • balancing the challenges appropriately without restricting the opportunity to ensure the global competitiveness
  • innovation and technological investment

This consultation is on the civil use of drones; military use of drones is out of scope.

The Public dialogue on drone use in the UK was used to inform this consultation.

If you have views on this please access the consultation here and respond by 12th March 2017