National Grid Gas Distribution seeks partners for 2016 NIC bid

EIC industry partner, National Grid Gas Distribution is reaching out to potential partners for collaboration in the Network Innovation Competition (NIC) 2016. The NIC is annual competition run by Ofgem to fund flagship innovative projects to deliver financial and environmental benefits for gas customers.

The company is actively seeking new project ideas and opportunities to work with new partners for its 2016 NIC bid. It has identified key areas of interest that have the potential to be developed into NIC proposals as:

• Unconventional gas and energy storage
• New energy sources and production methods
• CNG transport network
• Intelligent asset management
• Zero emissions
• Minimising disruption to customers

National Grid Gas Distribution, owns and operates four of the eight regional gas networks in the UK – East of England, North London, North West and West Midlands – transporting gas to customers through a network of pipes to around 11 million homes, businesses and schools through 131,000 kilometres of pipeline.

To find out more about this opportunity, click here. Proposals are sought before the deadline of 15th January 2016.