International interest in EIC’s digital platform

Our head of digital, Gavin Shone, discusses the feedback on the digital platform which was showcased at the EIC stand.

If you didn’t get a chance to see it for yourself during the conference, the EIC digital platform is designed to be the first fully interactive platform for innovation in the energy industry. Once live, the platform will help drive innovation projects forward by offering an outlet where innovators, the energy networks, investors and other industry specialists can come together to discuss network problems and source solutions.

At the stand we had a prototype of the platform as well as a short video demonstrating what we aim to achieve with it.

Feedback from the conference was very positive and the platform is seen as a must have for the energy sector. A lot has been done over recent years to facilitate innovation projects for the sector but it was agreed by everyone I spoke with that there is more to be done and that there is a real gap in the market for the platform.

What was exciting to see was the level of interest from international delegates, not just from the UK energy sector. With the digital platform, we have the opportunity to lead the way in facilitating innovation in the sector and position the UK as drivers of positive change. The EIC’s innovation community already has nearly 2,000 SMEs from across the world and the platform will create an even easier route for them to engage with the UK energy networks.

We’ve had early engagement from the networks already but there is now growing interest from the innovators too. The general feedback was they were pleased to see new channels being developed that are creating opportunities for small businesses to find out more about what the networks’ needs are and how they can support them.

Now that it is gathering pace, I’m excited for the next phase in the platform’s development. The platform development commenced its 12 weeks’ minimum viable product (MVP) development programme in early September and the launch of the Beta platform will be January 2017.

If you are interested and would like to know more then please contact: