Data and Communication Security


The Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) works in partnership with the UK Electricity, Gas and Water Distribution Network Operators to help them identify solution to industry issues & challenges.


DISCLAIMER: This is not a tendering exercise and as such does not guarantee either a project or product sales.  This is a market research exercise on behalf of the EIC’s distribution network operator partners seeking potential solutions/alternative products in which the networks may see benefit over existing methods.


Specific Innovation Need

As the requirement for greater visibility and control of networks increases, so does the need for greater versatility and performance in understanding and identifying threats and incidents. The Electrical Distribution Networks are looking for novel and innovative methods to assist in developing their ability to quantify, detect and counter, cyber security threats. The areas of interest are:

  • Modelling solutions
  • Risk assessment and best practice solutions
  • Intrusion Detection Systems

The solutions could look at developing technology as well as improving techniques and skills needed by a modern distribution system operator.


Desired outcome

  • Opportunities to improve resilience of OT network to cyber security threats.
  • Greater understanding of available technologies and techniques for monitoring and managing attacks.
  • Planning and modelling solutions for attacks and recovery.


View full details of this innovation need here.


Process for submitting proposals

The network operators are open to ideas and approaches to solve this challenge. To make a submission, please complete the online form below.


The deadline for responses for this innovation need is 28th December 2018.


  • A brief description of the proposed solution, including relevant technical details
  • A description of the proposed solution's features/properties that uniquely differentiates this solution
  • How do you envisage your proposal progressing e.g. a trial, an innovation project etc.?
    Please only select one option
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