UKPN FutureSmart consultation

UK Power Networks is the UK’s largest electricity distributor and they have recently published their vision for how their network will adapt to meet the changing needs of the 8.2 million homes and businesses they serve across London, the South East and East of England.


They would like you to help them shape their vision of a smart grid for all, and create an electricity network that empowers and enables communities and consumers to benefit from the new technologies already available and facilitate the development of those yet to come.


In the coming years, more and more people will own electric and driverless cars, use smart appliances in their homes, and generate, store, and sell their own electricity. These changes will have profound implications for electricity generation and distribution.


UK Power Networks has a vision for the future, outlined in their Future Smart consultation. The consultation proposes radical changes to enable electricity networks to keep up with the needs and expectations of consumers, and outlines how people and their use of new technologies will be at the heart of the new electricity system.


To meet these challenges, UK Power Networks are proposing to transform from a Distribution Network Operator to a Distribution System Operator, and enable a smart, flexible system responsive to customers’ needs.


Developing a new smart, flexible system requires UK Power Networks to listen to and collaborate with those who use the network every day. They are therefore inviting you to give your views on how they can create a smart grid for all by responding to their Future Smart consultation.


The consultation is open until 15 September 2017.


Your views will help shape the electricity system of the future, and ensure UK Power Networks continue to meet the needs and expectations of all its customers.


For further information and to receive a copy of the consultation document, please complete the form below.