Tarmac Reinstatement Testing

Holes created on public highways due to maintenance works by utility companies require filling once the work is complete.

The reinstatement of the asphalt must be to specific depths and levels of compaction. Failure to adhere to these standards could possibly lead to the breakdown of the new tarmac which can lead to the energy network being fined and repair work initiated.

For additional information about this opportunity click here: EIC Call for Innovation: Tarmac Reinstatement Testing

Our electricity distribution network operator (DNO) partner is looking for an instrument that could test the quality of the asphalt to ensure that it is meeting the required standards. Can you help?

If you think you have the skill sets or experience to respond to this challenge, register your interest by calling us on 0151 348 8040 and quoting the reference number DNO-16-04 or by completing the form below.

The deadline for registering initial interest in this call is Wednesday 24th August 2016.

This is the latest in a series of calls for innovation, managed by the EIC, which offers innovators the opportunity to register interest and propose potential solutions to targeted energy distribution sector problems.