Repairing Pipe Leaks in Concrete



Annually, Gas Distribution Networks (GDNs) deal with hundreds of gas escapes from steel gas pipes located within the structural foundations of constructions, e.g. multi occupancy buildings (MOBS).


Leaking steel gas pipes can be buried up to 200mm deep in concrete or brick. This encasement of assets makes it impossible to safely expose the pipes to undertake repairs without compromising the structural integrity.
Engineers currently, either:


• Isolate the supply to stop the gas leak. A new supply is then re-laid. This results in the customer being off supply for extended periods of time.

• Access the pipe by carefully chipping away at the concrete or brick in an attempt to locate and repair the fault. This procedure is time consuming and results in a greater cost in restoring supply. However, if this method is unsuccessful, they revert to total replacement of the asset.




It is envisaged the solution will allow gas engineers to safely perform interim repairs on steel pipes that are buried in concrete or brick, without damaging the overall integrity of the structure foundations.


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