Modern Cable Networks – LV Fault Location

Early cable and joints used bitumen resins which when under fault conditions give off easily detectable gasses. Modern cables and joints use resins that both prolong joint failure (high resistance faults) as well as releasing less detectable gasses, which result in intermittent faults and flickering lights.

The use of new joints and cables have seen LV fault location become harder and harder to carry out accurately which lead to both extended outages for customers and increased costs with fault excavations.

Further information on this opportunity can be found here Modern Cable Networks – LV Fault Location

The network operators are completely open to ideas and approaches to solve this challenge. Potential solutions can range from one single idea to several innovations that complement each other.

To register initial interest and request an expression of interest form please call the Energy Innovation Centre on 0151 348 8040 and quote the reference number DNO-16-09

Please note, specific EOI forms are created for each individual Call for Innovation and the matching form will be required to progress any submissions.

The closure date for registering initial interest is Thursday 20th April 2017. Please note office open hours are between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.