Long Handled Circumferential Pipe Cleaner

Can you help three of our gas distribution networks (GDN) industry partners find a new long handled tool to clean around their pipes?

For additional information about this opportunity click here: EIC Call for Innovation ‘Long Handled Circumferential Pipe Cleaner’

GDNs undertake public highway excavations in order to perform maintenance and repairs on buried pipe assets. In a bid to reduce disruption, ‘core and vac’ technology is implemented which allows them to significantly reduce the size of excavations. Inspection or repair of the pipe is then undertaken using long handled tools, allowing the operative to work from the surface without entering the excavation.

The GDNs behind this call are looking to increase the use of long handled tools via ‘core and vac’. The networks seek potential solutions to allow the full circumference of a metallic pipe to be cleaned uniformly with long handled tools. This call is specifically looking to improve the GDNs’ current cleaning methods in ‘core and vac’ excavation of using manual scraping tools or hammer and chisel.

If you have the skill set or experience to contribute to this opportunity, register your interest by calling us on 0151 348 8040 and quoting the reference number GDN-15-09, or by completing the form below.

The deadline for registering initial interest in this call is 5pm, Wednesday 24th February 2016.