“Live or Dead” – Steel Pipework Checks

The number of electrical cables being inserted within old ‘redundant’ steel gas pipes in commercial dwellings is on an upward trending curve. The gas engineers have no means of knowing whether an electrical cable, or other unknown elements are present in the gas pipe they are operating on and more importantly if a cable is present, if it is energised or not. The risk of undertaking this operation is significant and potentially dangerous for the field operatives, who are susceptible of being electrocuted in the presence of an energised electrical cable. Therefore, there is a need for an application or method to carry out ‘live/dead safety checks’ to confirm the presence or absence of natural gas and in the event of the pipe being redundant, energised cables.


The solution should focus on reducing the time proving whether steel gas pipes are pressurised with gas and whether energised or de-energised electrical cables are present in the pipework.  The result should focus on reducing the frequency of electrical cable strikes in “service cut-off” operations and avoid the need to ‘trial hole’ the pipework to determine its contents.


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