Gas Pipe Overcrossing Inspection

Can you help our gas distribution network (GDN) partner with its latest call for innovation?


UK GDNs operate approximately 275,000km of pipework which needs to be regularly maintained to stay in good working order, the majority of which are buried underground.

However, obstructions such as rivers, gorges, valleys and major road junctions mean pipe overcrossings need to be constructed.


Our GDN partner is looking for an alternative method of inspecting these overcrossings for maintenance other than constructing scaffolding to allow for operatives to physically access them.

For additional information about this opportunity click here: EIC Call for Innovation: GDN-16-05 Gas Pipe Overcrossing Inspection


This is the latest in a series of calls for innovation, managed by the EIC, which offers innovators the opportunity to register interest and propose potential solutions to targeted energy distribution sector problems.

If you have an idea or a solution that can help, register your interest by calling us on 0151 348 8040 and quoting the reference number GDN-16-05 or by completing the form below.

The closure date for registering initial interest is 2nd November 2016. Please note office open hours are between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.