Flying Drones BVLOS for Energy Infrastructure Inspection

Drones are already helping our network partners to inspect their assets more quickly, safely and cheaply but they want to go even further. Can you help?

All drone inspections are carried out within the ‘visual line of sight’ (VLOS). In the UK this means 400 feet vertically and 500 metres horizontally while maintaining a safe distance from people, buildings and vehicles.

Our network partners have identified an opportunity for a programme of work to be done to demonstrate that ‘beyond the visual line of sight’ (BVLOS) operations can be conducted safely on their networks to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


For additional information about this opportunity click here: EIC Call for Innovation: DNO/GDN-16-01 Flying Drones BVLOS for Energy Infrastructure Inspection


We’re looking for companies who would be able to expand the range of current drone operations and demonstrate safe flight under BVLOS.

This is the latest in a series of calls for innovation, managed by the EIC, which offers innovators the opportunity to register interest and propose potential solutions to targeted energy distribution sector problems.

If you have an idea or a solution that can help, register your interest by calling us on 0151 348 8040 and quoting the reference number DNO/GDN-16-01 or by completing the form below.

The deadline for registering initial interest in this call is Friday 25th November 2016.