Deep excavation analysis

The latest in a series of Calls for Innovation seeks potential solutions to a problem area identified by a number of utility distribution networks focusing on deep excavation analysis.


Field operatives are currently certified to excavate up to a depth of 2.5m to undertake operations on buried assets. At depths exceeding 2.5m there is a current requirement for specially skilled external contractors to undertake deep excavation analysis activities. This consists of a deep excavation load analysis, risk assessment and site inspection which must be completed before any work can continue; this work is carried out under the supervision of a specialised contractor.


As this is the only approach to undertaking deep excavation analysis, it results in a monopolisation which consequentially leads to high costs, operational disruptions and delays.


It is therefore envisaged, that through this call, an alternative solution may be found to mitigate these negative impacts.


The solution must provide a standardised approach to deep excavation analysis to be utilised by individuals with non-specific skills. This must produce the necessary reports and risk assessments for deep excavations; without the requirement for professional accreditation of a skilled person e.g. civil engineer.


Find out more about this call for innovation here.


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A presentation day is scheduled for 28 August 2018.