Critical plant location

The latest Call for Innovation seeks potential solutions to a problem area identified by one of our GDN partners related to the easy location of critical plant and equipment.


The gas distribution networks operate, maintain and renew the gas distribution pipes of the UK. To undertake these activities efficiently, the networks make use of specialist plant and equipment. It is important for the networks to have the correct plant and equipment at the right location at the right time.


Currently, our GDN partner does not have a full picture of where critical plant and equipment is located or if it is in use. This lack of clarity can lead to inefficiencies.


The goal for this call for innovation is to identify solutions that will give our distribution network partner a complete overview of the location of critical plant and equipment, allowing them to better allocate resources and work more efficiently during operations. The solution to this problem must be a market ready product.


Find out more about the call for innovation here.


To register initial interest, and request an Initial Proposal Form, please enter your details online or call the Energy Innovation Centre on 0151 348 8040 and quote the reference number GDN-17-09.


Please note, specific EOI forms are created for each individual Call for Innovation and the matching form will be required to progress any submissions.


The closing date for registering initial interest is 2 November 2017. Please note office open hours are between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.