Bird fouling

The latest in a series of Calls for Innovation seeks potential solutions to a problem area identified by a number of Electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) related to bird fouling.


Bird fouling on customer properties from overhead lines is an increasing cause of customer complaints to network operators.  The fouling occurs when birds roost on overhead lines and associated structures. While network operators have trialled many possible options to solve this issue, no practical long-term solution has been found for both rural and urban scenarios.


There is therefore a need to investigate further options to solve bird fouling problems.


The network operators are looking for a solution that will help deter roosting birds from landing on their distribution apparatus, namely the poles and overhead conductors.


Consideration should be given to:


  • Ease of installation
  • Any restrictions to application
  • Development requirements (if any)
  • Previous working examples
  • Cost


Find out more about this call for innovation here.


To register initial interest and request an expression of interest form please call the Energy Innovation Centre on 0151 348 8040 or alternatively enter your details online and quote the reference number DNO-18-01.


Please note, specific EOI forms are created for each individual Call for Innovation and the matching form will be required to progress any submissions.


The closing date for registering initial interest is 20 July 2018.  Please note office open hours are between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.


A presentation day is scheduled for 15 August 2018.