Harmonic Studies for South West Scotland Tendering Opportunity with SPEN

SPEN is currently developing an extensive network in South West Scotland for the connection of a number of windfarms. 

The harmonic performance of this network has to be evaluated with the aim of:

  1. Developing a coordinated, efficient and cost-effective harmonic filtering solution.
  2. Setting harmonic emission limits for each windfarm.
  3. Substantially reducing the risk of harmonic non-compliance for both SPEN and windfarm developers.

For additional information about this opportunity click here: SPEN Invitation to Tender Harmonic Studies for South West Scotland

It is anticipated the harmonic study of the network shall include the double-circuit between Coylton 275kV and New Cumnock 275kV and extend to Tongland 132kV. It is expected the project will include the following stages:

  1. Carry out harmonic impedance scans
  2. Find a harmonic filtering solution that reduces all problematic harmonic voltage gains to acceptable levels.
  3. Assess the performance of the system when a reasonable harmonic current emission is assumed for each windfarm.
  4. The South West Scotland network will be constructed over a number of years. Assess the harmonic performance of two interim stages.
  5. Prepare a harmonic specification for each windfarm that will allow connection without the need for further harmonic filtering.
  6. Prepare a complete technical specification for the harmonic filters, including the details and rating of each component. Provide recommendations on harmonic filter switchgear capability.

All Questions and Documentation should be addressed to Eric Brunger at  Eric.Brunger@ScottishPower.com

All Documentation to be returned by 17:00, 21st November 2016, No extensions permitted, No face-face meetings in the initial stage.

SPEN will invite shortlisted suppliers for face-face meeting in the week commencing 28th November. It is anticipated a decision will be made before 9th December 2016.