Exploring the impact of big data on customer experience

Rolling up our sleeves and exploring how the industry might work together to deliver better, fairer, more accurate and responsive proactive customer service was the challenge set to the energy networks at last September’s customer innovation summit.

As a result, seven networks have now formed an alliance, along with the EIC, to research how data can, in a unique way, make a step change in improving the way we deal with customers.

Networks often touch customers only at the point of loss of supply, emergency, highway disruption or replacing existing supply. For most people this disruption may only occur once in a generation but the ripple effect leaves a lasting impression. This research will delve deeper into true customer feelings and how networks need to change in the future, given the pace of technology changes and keep ahead of consumer needs.

Working with our selected partners Fahrenheit 212, we have shaped a detailed programme of work that started in early February and will take around 12 weeks to complete. During this time, direct contact will be made with focus groups, consumer experts and existing network stakeholders to discover in depth customer understandings.

We look forward to keeping you updated on the outputs of this project as it develops.