The Energy House 2.0 is Here

Would you be interested in benefiting from this amazing test facility?

Energy House 2.0 is an ambitious new proposal from the School of Built Environment at the University of Salford. The University of Salford are preparing to build a major international test facility, expanding on their world leading work at the Salford Energy House, and creating a major whole building test facility – a new world’s first. The building will be a partnership of commercial, government, academic and funding partners working together to realise our vision of a research centre that will address the major issues of energy and buildings, not only in the UK, but across the world.

Energy House 2.0 will form the centrepiece of one of the University of Salford’s Enterprise Innovation Zones – spaces for industry and academia to engage in joint enterprise, research and teaching activity.

This facility will act as an innovator’s Disney World, a fully functional multi-building testing environment, allowing industry and academia to come together to test products and theories in a variety of areas, with quality data analysis to support your ideas and innovations.

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