The Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) constantly seeks new ways to connect the energy industry with innovators to solve their challenges. To enable us to source and develop more innovative solutions for improving energy distribution, we are developing a digital platform to support our network partners and our innovation community.

During the first part of 2017 this digital platform – the EIC Hub – is being robustly tested by innovators registering, finding opportunities and networking with one another. Over the next couple of months the EIC  will also be bringing the energy networks on board to test the platform, to ensure that the EIC Hub will deliver real benefits to innovators and network companies when launched.

Continuous testing and improvements will be taking place as more innovators and energy networks join the EIC Hub. This valuable online networking site will help: innovators to find other innovators they can collaborate with; innovators to access the energy networks and; the energy networks to let innovators know the challenges they need solving.

The EIC will continue to introduce parties to one another and support innovative projects to access the energy networks, and work with the networks to scout for new technologies. This open sharing of knowledge and activity will enable increasing numbers of collaborative projects to succeed, benefitting all involved.

Our head of digital, Gavin Shone, will be touring the energy networks over the coming weeks to showcase the platform and the future plans. We look forward to working with you to make this an integral tool for your future success.

To find out more about the EIC Hub watch this video or  contact