UK Energy Innovation Awards 2017
Powered By: Energy Innovation Centre

Innovator / Pioneer / Founder / Bright Spark /
Next Big Thing / Problem Solver / Inventor

Organised by the Energy Innovation Centre, the UK Energy Innovation Awards celebrate and showcase the latest and greatest technologies that are helping to transform our energy future. 

The awards have the backing of energy leaders from across the UK’s gas, electricity and offshore renewables sectors – all of whom are committed to identifying new technologies that have the potential to benefit customers, increase efficiency and improve health and safety.

We will soon be announcing all of the categories for the UK Energy Innovation Awards 2017, which will not only be in a new location to previous years, it will also be in a completely new city.

If you are interested in entering the UK Energy Innovation Awards 2017, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.


UK Energy Innovation Awards 2017