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Awards 2016

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Organised by the Energy Innovation Centre, the UK Energy Innovation Awards celebrate and provide a platform for pioneering small businesses and individuals to promote the technologies and ideas that have the potential to shape our energy future.

The awards have the backing of energy leaders from across the UK’s gas, electricity and offshore renewables sectors – all of whom are committed to identifying new technologies that have the potential to benefit customers, increase efficiency and improve health and safety.

The sixth annual awards took place at the Hilton Manchester Deansgate on Thursday April 28th 2016, and the winners can be viewed here.


Awards 2016

The awards categories are judged by our esteemed panel of judges.

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Awards 2016

Best ELECTRICITY Network Improvement

We are looking for technologies, innovations or products that improve the management or detection of issues within electricity network assets (e.g. corrosion, damage, potential failure, operational status), make asset replacement or refurbishment easier, reduce running or capital costs, improve management information or increase asset life.

Best GAS Network Improvement

We are looking for technologies, innovations or products that improve the management or detection of issues within gas network assets (e.g. leakage, water ingress, material condition, damage, potential failure, operational status), make asset replacement or refurbishment easier, reduce running or capital costs, improve management information or increase asset life.

Best Innovation Implemented or Adopted by a Utility Contractor

We are looking for technologies or innovations that have been developed or led by a contractor and that improve any area of electricity or gas network or offshore assets during operation or management of the business, including customer service delivery.

The benefits of these innovations may include one (or all) of the following:

  • Improve detection of problem issues with electricity or gas network assets
  • Increase efficiency of asset replacement or maintenance
  • Prolong asset life
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Benefits to the energy customer.
Best Innovation Contributing to Quality & Reliability of Gas or Electricity Supply

Customer experience is an essential consideration for every electricity and gas network operator.

This award looks to recognise those businesses whose ideas have helped to enhance the service for end-users by improving the reliability of the electricity and gas supply they receive.

Whether it’s reducing the duration or frequency of off-gas periods or power outages, making the electricity network more resilient to challenging loads or conditions or improving the assurance of gas pressure and quality, we want to hear about those technologies that offer clear benefits to consumers.

Best International Trade Award

Energy is a global business and we aim to recognise those organisations or individuals whose efforts have led to an increase in their international sales.

We would like to hear about businesses that are taking steps to ensure that international trade contributes a significant proportion of their business, or those where import and export is already a key element of their business plan.

Best Offshore Renewables Innovation

This category is seeking innovations that have the greatest potential to reduce the cost of delivering energy from offshore sources, such as wind, wave or tide.

Examples could include reduction of capital costs, increasing operating efficiency of assets, reducing cost of installation or maintenance, increasing asset output or improving life of components.

Best Safety Innovation

For network operators and those involved in offshore renewables, the importance of staff and public safety cannot be overstated and innovations which reduce risks and contribute to a safety aware culture are always of interest.

Innovators who devise technologies to improve safety are solving a genuinely important issue and this category aims to reward those efforts.

Environmental Impact Award

Network operators are always open to innovative solutions that can reduce the environmental impact of their activities whether they relate to emissions or noise reduction, the decommissioning of assets or reduced environmental contamination.

For this category, we are looking for innovative individuals or businesses whose ideas have created some sort of net environmental benefit relevant to the energy networks or offshore renewables sector.

Best Smart Grid Innovation

The development of a smarter energy system is essential for an efficient and low cost energy system, and for this to be able to cope with the changing nature of energy generation and use.

In this dynamic and ever-changing sector, we are looking for the best of the best – those technologies that will make the biggest impact on the electricity network.

This could cover a wide variety of technologies such as communications, energy storage, low cost network monitoring devices, innovations that encourage or facilitate energy reduction by users, connection of renewable energy sources or enable network operators to influence energy user behaviour (e.g. demand response) or technologies to facilitate grid reconfiguration or self-healing.

Best University Technology

Universities continue to play a crucial role in the appliance of research and science skills to tackle many of the challenges faced by the energy networks.

This category aims to showcase and reward ideas and technologies being developed by any of the following:-

  • A university spinout company
  • A university technology that has been licensed to industry
  • A university technology that has been technically proven with potential for licensing or spinout commercialisation

Awards 2016
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Awards 2016
The Judges

Mark Horsley

Chief Executive Officer
Northern Gas Networks

Frank Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer
SP Energy Networks

Denise Massey

Managing Director
Energy Innovation Centre

Steve Johnson

Chief Executive Officer
Electricity North West

Steve Edwards

Director of Regulation and Commercial, Wales & West

Clive Drinkwater

UKTI North West
Regional Director

John Morea

Chief Executive Officer

Philip New

CEOEnergy Systems Catapult