AWARDS SPONSOR CONTENT: Energy Systems Catapult celebrates its first birthday

The Energy Systems Catapult will celebrate its first birthday during April, following its creation in 2015.Energy Systems Catapult

The Catapult, which was formally incorporated in April 2015, has spent its first year recruiting and building a team, developing its strategy and implementing a number of important projects to create jobs and growth in the energy sector. It will celebrate its official launch with a focus on its five-year strategy on 9th May with an event in London.

The Catapult aims to help the creation of a clean, intelligent energy system for the UK and has been set up in response to growing awareness of the need to take a whole system approach to the challenge of transforming the UK’s energy sector, both affordably and securely.

Looking back over the last twelve months since the Catapult was created it has:

  • started to successfully deliver Phase One of the Smart Systems and Heat programme, as a supplier to the Energy Technologies Institute, with the aim of delivering Phase Two independently from 2017;
  • delivery of the Future Power Systems Architecture project, in partnership with the Institution of Engineering and Technology, on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The project looks to examine the challenges facing the current electricity network architecture arising from potential power systems developments;
  • signed a landmark agreement to develop and support innovators across the energy sector particularly SMEs, in partnership with the Energy Innovation Centre;
  • along with the Chairman, Nick Winser, appointed an exciting and challenging group of well-respected non-executives to the Board and a new Chief Executive Officer- Philip New;
  • continuously engaged with the industry, academia and Government;
  • started to develop collaborative whole energy system approaches to the energy challenge and;
  • grown to 50 members of staff, with the intention of recruiting up to 150 employees.

The CEO of the Energy Systems Catapult, Philip New, said: “This first year has been a challenging yet exciting period for the Catapult. We have worked across the industry in an innovative and creative way, with a clear focus on collaboration and how to convene a whole energy system approach. I am extremely optimistic about the future as we look to outline our five-year business plan at our official launch in May.”

Chairman, Nick Winser commented: “When the Catapult was created last April there was a skeleton team of interim staff. The team has worked tirelessly to build relationships and collaborations on a number of key projects that have a real relevance to the industry. We are making real progress and I feel we have a healthy future ahead of us.”

The Energy Systems Catapult is one of eleven Catapults created by Innovate UK to drive growth in key industrial sectors.

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