Acumen 2016 Attendance for EIC

This month, Lois Wiegand, commercial manager, travelled to the iconic Titanic Belfast to discuss ‘Harnessing experience and unleashing innovation’ at this year’s Acumen 2016 conference.

The event, which took place on the 8th – 11th Feb, brought together representatives from Ofgem along with directors and senior management from DNOs, investors and community energy representatives to highlight and discuss key issues facing the industry and issues of the future.

Across the three days Lois took park in a number of sessions discussing communities, customers & expectations of the industry. The workshops addressed the general social trends affecting the energy sector in the medium term and looked at what steps are being taken in terms of community energy. Delegates also discussed storage and disruption for networks as well as the key challenges for network businesses and their supply chains.

Talking about the event, Lois Wiegand, said: “This is the first year we have attended the Acumen conference and it was a great event. It was great to share knowledge on how we can all play a part in innovation to benefit customers and communities. We’re looking forward to attending again in 2018.”