Find out more about EIC’s upcoming digital platform

We caught up with EIC’s head of digital, Gavin Shone, to find out more about the EIC digital platform that he will be demonstrating live on stand at LCNI next week…

Why a digital platform?

Innovation is constantly evolving and the EIC also has to evolve to meet the demands of the future. To ensure the needs are met, we are developing a digital platform, a functional and easy-to-use online platform that aims to expand the reach and accelerate innovation solutions to the energy sector’s growing demands within the UK.

The EIC digital platform is designed to be the first fully interactive platform for innovation in the energy industry. It will help facilitate and manage a community of innovators, allow direct contact for innovators, industry, investors and specialists. It will also provide discussions, dissemination of learning, networking, promotions, project management, advice and support.

What’s happening next?

The platform development commenced its 12 weeks’ minimum viable product (MVP) development programme in early September. The MVP is the smallest amount a product can be digitally built before it can be released. The digital platform MVP functions will include onboarding for innovators and industry, company and user profile builder, networking for all users, a news feed and company dashboard.

The launch of the Beta platform will be January 2017.

To find out more about the EIC digital platform, watch our explainer video or contact